Holocaust Deniers Invade World Wide Web

As the hobbyhorse of a few crackpots, Holocaust Denial seems harmless. But retum to CODOR on the web and you may reach a different conclusion. The benign image of Brad Smith (who includes a Christmas letter each year in his newsletter) asks only that we come to the topic with open minds, and with just the slightest willingness to doubt the “official” story. And how many of us lack that small willingness to suspect that “official” versions may serve some dark interest? How many Americans have believed in Communist conspiracies (and with some justification) or in governmental coverups (with even more justification)? For someone unfamiliar with the historical literature and the primary documents on the Holocaust (and let’s face it, that is most of us), the notion of the Holocaust as an “official” version may have some credibility. As the deniers quibble over some tiny piece of evidence, they may appear to know what they are talking about. — John SpurlockHolocaust Deniers Invade World Wide Web (National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education)