Stolen [Leonardo Da Vinci] masterpiece rivals the Mona Lisa

Image of Leonardo Da Vinci's painting 'The Madonna of the Yarnwinder,' showing the Madonna with the infant Christ, who plays with a cross-shaped domestic tool that suggests the cross.[W]ith the Mona Lisa, the Madonna was among only a handful of paintings known to be authentic Leonardo works. | The thieves arrived just before 11am. They were flamboyantly dressed, polite and personable until the moment one of them presented a knife to a woman tour guide who had led them to the Madonna. — Jim Mcbeth
Stolen [Leonardo Da Vinci] masterpiece rivals the Mona Lisa  (Scotsman)

Here are a couple of intersting quotes:

A getaway car, its engine idling in the expansive castle car park, moved slowly away…

Uh, if the car is idling, doesn’t that usually mean the car is not moving? I suppose the engine could technically have been idling while the vehicle was in neutral and coasting downhill.

“The latest assessment indicates that criminals are likely to be responsible for most cultural property theft,” said a spokesman.

As opposed to innocent people being responsible for the thefts?