Desperate for Study Guides (see comments)

MOther of God i need freaking cliff notes for peace like a river please someone help

i love felicia — favaDesperate for Study Guides (see comments) (12 Frogs)

From another comment: “J., do you get the sense that some teacher assigned Peace… as summer reading and a whole bunch of people blew it off?”

Sigh. The desperation and rage of these students who can’t find online study guides is very sad to witness. I say bravo for whoever picked that book — if there aren’t ready-made study guides online, it might get more people to think about what they are reading. In the real world, you will face problems whose solutions aren’t written in the back of the book, or carefully outlined in study guides. One of those real-world problems is how to get students excited about their education. Back In the Day, people only went to college because they wanted to… now that so many more people have opportunities to go on to higher education, it seems that some are just coasting.

I count myself very fortunate here at Seton Hill, since my journalism courses are full of people who like writing (that wasn’t the case with the technical writing courses I used to teach at UWEC).

I was the type who called my professors over the summer and asked what books I should read to get a head start on the class. I read Milton’s Paradise Lost one summer, and loved it.