Viruses, Worms: What's in a Name?

There are the always-in-fashion temptresses — DeepThroat, Hooker, FunLove, Love Letter, NakedWife, Paradise — and the ones that seem to refer to the person who created the worm: Annoying, Brat, Coma, Faker, Glitch, SadHound, Slacker, Small, TheThing and Yo Momma.

And there are also names that seem to make no sense at all: Gokar, Klez, Nimda, Welyah, Yaha.

A name is expected to have some relation to the capabilities or concept behind the virus, but antivirus researchers admit that more than a few viruses have been named in a rather whimsical fashion. — Michelle DelioViruses, Worms: What’s in a Name?  (Wired)

Via blacklily8 on KairosNews.