We Don' Need No Stinkin' Gifted Programs!

But just think of how much talent and intelligence we waste, simply because our educational system isn’t particularly interested in motivating and challenging our most gifted students. | Most of Michael’s classmates from the alternative high school, even the highly gifted ones, did not go on to earn college degrees. In fact, most of them are stuck in dead-end jobs where they make barely more than the minimum wage, just enough to supply their beer and marijuana habits. —Tina Blue‘s guest commentary. —We Don’ Need No Stinkin’ Gifted Programs!  (The Irascible Professor)

Don’t miss this provocative statement, from the Irascible Professor’s end notes:

The IP wonders if the decline in programs for gifted and talented children in our public schools stems from the fact that far too many of our public school teachers are drawn from the bottom third of the academic talent pool in our colleges and universities.

I had never heard that before. The statement would have more effect on me if it were cited.