Words Speak Louder than Pictures

If you’re a freelancer, your online portfolio is your life. If you work for the man, it’s a great resource for that next job promotion, working with the design firm across the street. In either case, it is imperative that you create a website of value and visual interest. The part that most visual designers forget, however, is that the web is primarily a content-driven medium. For a well-rounded online portfolio, you’ll have to take your hand away from the mouse and start typing. —Bryan ZmijewskiWords Speak Louder than Pictures (ZURBviews)

In the past I’ve ranted about crazy advice designed to flatter clueless designers who can’t comprehend the textual nature of the Internet, so it’s only fair that I should blog a designer who knows what’s what. Zmijewski is a breath of fresh air. He offers great advice for young designers working on online portfolios.