Who Cares About Andy Roddick

Who Cares About Andy Roddick — So today I read a quick story about Andy Roddick. He just won the U.S. Open. I did a search for him on Google to learn more, and I found his official web site. Fine. No problem. Then I clicked on a link to read about his U.S. Open victory and I’m told that “You have reached a Members Only area” — say what? Are you kidding me? Why the &$%^#*! would I register for this site? Whatever. I’m not going to spend any more time at Andy’s site. What a complete waste of my time. —John S. RhodesWho Cares About Andy Roddick (WebWord)

From one of the comments:

Well, there is a Netiqette rule that whoever comes first across a site that requires ‘free’ registration, will create a ‘guest account’ using ‘username’ and ‘password’ as the username/password combination

Locking content behind doors will cause a few people to pay for it, but most people will probably give up and look elsewhere for free stuff — and there goes your audience (and your potential future customers). Often, the value of any particular online document is not worth the cost in time and loss of privacy. What will Andy Roddick do with his knowledge of my e-mail address, gender, and birthday? Send me a blue e-card to help me celebrate my 35th next month?