What I Forgot About Dracula

Dracula was not a misunderstood man, as the Coppola [movie] version, and the Badham/Langella version, and the Palance version, and on, and on, would have us believe. | And the novel suggests no such thesis. Actually, the best proof of this comes from within the novel, as Dracula feeds a baby– a live baby– to the three vampire women, then sics wolves on the baby’s screaming, terrified mother. Dracula is a villain, albeit an attractive one, and it is irresponsible to suggest otherwise. Again, if Mina falls for Dracula, what will she say when she learns about the mother and the wolves?
Jason HendersonWhat I Forgot About Dracula (Really Scary)

Jason is a friend of my wife’s from her days at the University of Dallas. Link suggested by my brother-in-law, Andy Gigliotti.