Terranova: Golems and Community

Everyone should agree that good AI certainly creates more enjoyable games (see Barney in Half-Life). This is probably a correlative of the fact that bad AI ruins some games. But query: does smart AI create better communities? | Of course, real-life bots are the subject of a vast amount of pop literature. Asimov is a good place to start, but golems (not gollums) have an older pedigree.
Terranova: Golems and Community (TerraNova)

A pleasant introduction (via GrandTextAuto) to a group blog that’s new to me. Even more pleasant because it links to my RUR website (suggesting that Google is doing a good job teasing out the new location of my webpages.)

A stylistic note… the passage that I copied above has lots of links. A passage that I chose not to excerpt has even more links — and I am simply too lazy to re-create (especially when the source text is just a click away).

But I’m conscious that leaving those links out changes the tone of the original. Of course, removing the excerpt from its original context and inserting it into my own context also changes the text… but the omission of hyperlinks seems like a silent form of censorship. I often find myself selecting blocks that don’t contain hyperlinks, simply so I won’t have to wrestle with this problem. Hmm. Maybe I’ll post this comment on KairosNews…

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