Go Straight to Heaven

For the last few months, I have been pondering the question why the present Pope is so keen on making saints — at least 465 at the last count and some 1,300 beatifications, more than all the canonisations and beatifications in the preceding 400 years. —Anne Sebba —Go Straight to Heaven (Spectator) Once again, satire mazine The Onion spots a story long before anyone else. See: “Aging Pope ‘Just Blessing Everything…

SF's Death Greatly Exaggerated

The fact is, in science fiction you can have any kind of reading experience you want–the highest art of the word, pure escapism, rattling good stories, dreamy tea drinkers musing on matters of great significance. Explore your favorite political/moral/religious stance. It’s the literature of ideas, isn’t it? —Rose of Charon —SF’s Death Greatly Exaggerated (Rose of Charon) Via RayneToday’s post on KairosNews.