Pedablogue: A New Purpose

I spend an awful lot of time reading textbooks and novels and student papers — and I have sacrificed reading and writing about the art and craft of teaching. I want to more self-consciously research and study pedagogy, learning from the experiences and speculations of others. Even the very definition of the “scholarship of teaching” is something I want to explore… I hear a lot of talk about it, but…

Old Hitler Article Stirs Debate

The [1938 Homes & Gardens] article depicts Hitler in glowing terms, such as the “Squire of Wachenfeld,” and extols him as a talented architect, decorator and raconteur who “delights in the society of brilliant foreigners, especially painters, singers, and musicians.” —Old Hitler Article Stirs Debate (Wired) The above article provides some context for what came across to me as a Pittsburgh Symphony musician’s gushing admiration for Hitler’s estate.