Do Yourself a Favor and Stop Learning

It’s true — we learn far more than we are ever able to use…. This may seem harmless, but does it, in fact, hinder our ability to produce? Does all this learning and all the attention span we spend on new technologies detract from what we should be doing in the here and now? How many applications have gone unwritten because we think some new technology will obviate them in the next few months? How many ideas languish because we’re playing around with the new hyper-whizzbang protocol, convinced that this is the solution to our problems and will make every application fly off our keyboard with ease? — DeaneDo Yourself a Favor and Stop Learning (Gagetopia)

This article is written for an audience of geeks. It’s not so much an anti-intellectual diatribe as it is a reminder that having great ideas is not enough, since the business world demands practical results.