Googling Word Variations

The Keyword Variation Checker is a tool I wrote using the Google Web API. It will go through all kinds of variations of a given keyword and google the result. All that was needed is a little text-file with possible endings for a word from a free dictionary I found online. For example, the word is “Googl”, then I append “ology”, “ist”, “y”, and so on. —Philipp Lenssen —Googling Word…


Plagiarism Roundup

In honor of Mike Arnzen’s unmasking of a plagiarist, here are a few recent blog entries on academic dishonesty: Blair Hornstine (Plagarizing Valedictorian Kicked out of Harvard) (For those who think plagiarism isn’t serious) Worse than a Plagiarist.. a SPAMMING Plagiarist! (what it feels like to have your work appropriated — the evildoers did give credit to the source, but did not ask permission to excerpt nearly the whole thing)…


Chemtrails: 18,600 hits on Google. A lunatic fringe of dittoheads, convinced Doom is wafting down on the populace via 747s and DC-10s. A whole subculture of contrail conspiracy freaks. God bless ’em, at least they’re looking up. —Matt Rasmussen —Contrails (Orion Online)


Breaking the occupation spell: Some Koreans see putdown in letter change in name

“English books and maps published through the 19th century generally spelled the country’s name as Corea, as did the British government in laying the cornerstone of its embassy in Seoul in 1890. But some time in the early 20th century, the spelling Korea began to be seen more frequently than Corea, a change that coincided with Japan’s consolidation of its control of the peninsula.” —Barbara Demick —Breaking the occupation spell:…

Get a(n Interesting) Life

Despite its high visibility, I have not been able to authenticate “May you live in interesting times” as an ancient Chinese curse. —Stephen E. DeLong —Get a(n Interesting) Life I am tempted to comment “Somebody has too much time on his hands,” but the irony of typing that into my weblog would probably be too painful to bear.

Costa Rica 5

Here I was in a place where the jungle goes all the way to the ocean, with only a strip of beach dividing the two. Sand crabs, hermit crabs, and crab crabs skitter across the path, and lizards are pretty common. If you look up you likely see white faced monkeys, and iguana are common here. I set up my spot and quickly got into the Pacific only to find…