Coming-Out-Parties For Censors' Ho-hum Targets in Hardcover

Fingers in this cyber-saddled age are more dexterous with computer keyboards and Pavlovian mouse clicks than with the ragged edges of a new hardback’s pages, with the satisfying heft of a book about to be cracked, with the spooning feel of its spine in your palm. Lost, too, are the inky smell of a book’s virgin pages or the smell of time loosened from them, if the volume had the luck to age in a used bookshop. A book-banning spree is like a coming-out party for the things. —Pierre TristamComing-Out-Parties For Censors’ Ho-hum Targets in Hardcover  (Common Dreams)

I had to read that headline three times, but I think I get it now. A good headline should make sense before you read the article.

Thanks for the suggestion, Jim. I’ve added comments since you last sent me a link… drop me a note!