View Source add-in IE (to help in blogging)…

A while ago, I lamented that, when copying and pasting from an online source, it’s a pain to have to re-create the links and other HTML embedded in the text. DrWeb sent me this e-mail, and gave me permission to post it here:

Just a note.. saw your post on the Kaironews site, and decided to write since I am not registered there to post or comment..

I found this pretty neat plug-in for Web Developers that works, from, um, Microsoft site, and it allows your wish for IE5.x versions. I tried it out tonight, and it works. You highlight text you want to blog and cite, and right-click, and on the menu, you pick “view partial source.” It grabs the links and text in that partial source code –viola!

I found the answer via Blogzilla, see

and the small downloadable script/code is here: for View Selection [Partial] Source and a DOM tree.


P. Michael McCulley aka DrWeb
San Diego, CA

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View Source add-in IE (to help in blogging)…E-Mail)

I’ve tested it out, and it works just fine. I’ll still have to do some hand coding, but this is a great time-saver. I’ve been virtuously keeping my blogging to a minimum today, since I’ve got a backlog of student papers to grade.