Are the News Media Too Liberal?

Forty-five percent of Americans believe the news media in this country are too liberal, while only 14% say the news media are too conservative. These perceptions of liberal inclination have not changed over the last three years. A majority of Americans who describe their political views as conservative perceive liberal leanings in the media, while only about a third of self-described liberals perceive conservative leanings. —Are the News Media Too Liberal? (Gallup)

About as many people who say the news media is middle-of-the-road say the news is too conservative, while far fewer say the media is too liberal. The poll also notes that about twice as many people identify themselves as conservative as identify themselves as liberal, so the opinions of conservatives count more heavily in general in this poll. I’m having my “practice of journalism students” read samples from “Bias” and “What Liberal Media,” so I’m blogging this to remind me of it later.