Feds Searching All Commercial Airplanes

Increased security on airlines has been a significant issue since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. In those attacks, 19 terrorists are believed to have snuck box cutters onto four commerical airplanes. —Feds Searching All Commercial Airplanes (FOX News)

I’m telling myself that I’m not blogging this because in a few days my family will fly home from visiting grandparents in Texas. I’m telling myself that I’m blogging this story because of the use of the non-standard “snuck” as the past tense inflection of “sneak” (instead of the more common “sneaked”). That’s what I’m telling myself.

Update: I was also amused by this paragraph from the story:

U.S. officials told Fox News that the note said that while the TSA was doing a “great” job, security was still not “tight” enough. The word “great” was underlined.

Here’s a hint if you ever want to be quoted by a journalist — it’s fine to use bold to emphasize key words on your own web pages, for the convenience of the reader. But if the meaning of your writing depends upon playing with fonts, it’s harder to quote your words (and easier to quote them out of context).