Right to Exist (Review)

Over the next few weeks I will be reading Right to Exist: A Moral Defense of Israel‘sWars by Yaacov Lozowick. This book was published last year in Israel and this year, by Doubleday, in the U.S. My plan is to provide not exactly a review of the book but a reflection on it as I read. | But before I begin, I have to say a few things about myself. Like any historian, like any good scholar, I strive to recognize my own prejudices and preconceptions, my own point of view (p.o.v.). This book, dealing with the Zionist movement and the struggle for survival of the state of Israel, draws on my own long connection, in imagination at least, with Israel and Judaism, and it also makes me confront my ideas and ideals about the world I live in. —John SpurlockRight to Exist (Review) (Blue Monkey Review)

John is chair of the Humanities Division here at Seton Hill University.