Maestro's moonshine found

Workers remodeling a 19th-century rehearsal hall at the Peabody Institute have found 10 dusty jugs of moonshine in an unlocked closet, where they apparently sat for nearly 60 years. Faded labels on the bottles suggest that the hooch was the handiwork of Gustav Strube, the first conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. —Heather Dewar —Maestro’s moonshine found (Sunspot) Thanks for the… *hic!* suggestion, Rosemary.

Girl expelled for writing story about killing teacher

A high school freshman expelled for writing a fictional account of a student who falls asleep in class and dreams of killing a teacher can return to school Monday while officials reconsider the disciplinary action…. “It was a story about a girl who falls asleep in class, dreams she kills her math teacher, then wakes up and nothing happens,” she said. —Girl expelled for writing story about killing teacher (CNN)

Icon See It Now

Microsoft’s menu bars are awash in anachronistic images, and it’s especially evident in the latest edition of the Office 2003 application suite. This struck me as I was authoring my 364th “Inside” newsletter. Clicking on the Save icon, I found myself wondering why it’s still an image of a 3.5-inch floppy disk. When was the last time you saved a file on a floppy? —Lance Ulanoff —Icon See It…


Leaving the Big City for Small-Town College Life

One of my classmates saw my wedding ring and asked if I was married. I said, yes, and she asked, “Happily?” Another student sneered, “Wow, married … how retro-hetero-normative.” Others snickered in approval. And so the seven-year assault on my values began. To avoid harassment, I learned to conceal who I was: my faith, my working-class origins, most of my core beliefs. I had to smile and nod in support…