The Trouble with MMORPGs

It begins to creep in, almost unnoticed. The levels are further apart. You begin to notice that newly acquired skills are carbon copies of the old ones, with a different coloured icon and a two percent damage increase…. You try out all the little distractions the developers have put in the game to make things ‘deep’, only to find they’re broken, bugged or plain pointless. But you’re a trooper. You stiffen that upper lip and press on, certain that if you can only hang in there the good times will arrive and the game will be FUN again. | It is at precisely this point, that me and others like me will part ways with our more determined MMORPG brethren. I, you see, am a quitter. —The Trouble with MMORPGs (Ferrago)

I was approved to be part of the “” beta-test, but when the actual invitation came, I was too busy to follow through. Oh, well.