No Personal Touch

I know this is probably a very uncool and politically incorrect thing to say these days, but I am going to brave it anyway. | I have wondered why, with all the briliant people writing in the different group blogs, am I not toally enchanted with them? —TorillNo Personal Touch (Thinking with My Fingers)

The dynamics of group blogs are certainly complex. A colleague of mine. John Spurlock, recently noted that within the past week, the New Media Journalism @ Seton Hill group blog has been dominated by my own postings, with few if any contributions or comments from students (though this may be becuase the students recently turned in their blogging portfolios, and know they have several weeks before they are due again). WebWord, which is mostly the domain of John Rhodes but does feature a few other regular posters, has been down all this month, and John has stated that it’s simply not a priority for him to finish it.

Because I am trying to participate as actively as I can on about 30 student blogs this term, I find I really have to pick and choose which posts to get involved in in GrandTextAuto or KairosNews… and last week for the first time Slashdot gave me some moderator points that I felt too virtuous to waste. While I used to blog only for myself, now part of my blogging is “work,” and that has changed how I spend my blogging time. I’ve been conscious that I’m blogging much more than I really “want” to.