CBS Passes on "Reagans" Biography

Kitty Kelly has sold it to CBS. No, just kidding. A tremendous night. It’s the beginning of a second media century, Joe, where it’s much more of a people-driven media. And I say that not lightly. It was the Internet, it was talk radio, it was cable that put pressure on CBS, and heretofore, there’s never been this kind of pressure applied to one of the big titans, one of…


How to Become an E-Mail Extrovert

Software which enables e-mail writers to choose the image they want to portray is being developed by a team of Scottish researchers. —How to Become an E-Mail Extrovert (BBC) Hi!!!! This new software sounds cool! ;) Its supposed to make your writing more cheerful and outgoing!! The article is a bit vauge — maybe the designers have a little secret to keep (hehehe). I thinka Scottish extrovert is probably somebody who…


Talk of the Past: The Sea in Me Blood

“The pirate’s life is so deadly that humor is an essential part of what they do. They tell jokes, they make jests, they perform plays. They’re hilarious.” People are obsessed with pirates, Rediker says, because, while pirates may be “the common enemy of mankind,” they’re also “the freest people on earth,” which makes pirate humor particularly cutting. Because they stand?or sail?apart from the culture, pirates are well suited to make…

Darpa Runs Robo-Racers Off Road

After inviting every robot maker with a dream to take part in the Grand Challenge, Darpa, the Defense Department’s research arm, has suddenly declared that only 20 drone roadsters will be allowed to enter. This may not mean much to the conglomerate-sponsored, university-backed outfits in the race. But bootstrapping crews like Chabe’s six-man Team LoGhIQ now may not make the cut. —Noah Schachtman —Darpa Runs Robo-Racers Off Road  (Wired)