How to Become an E-Mail Extrovert

Software which enables e-mail writers to choose the image they want to portray is being developed by a team of Scottish researchers. —How to Become an E-Mail Extrovert (BBC)

Hi!!!! This new software sounds cool! ;) Its supposed to make your writing more cheerful and outgoing!! The article is a bit vauge — maybe the designers have a little secret to keep (hehehe). I thinka Scottish extrovert is probably somebody who smiles at you before lopping your head off with a Claymore! Hahahaha j/k. Anyway, informal language with lots of exclamation points (!!!) and the word “hi” instead of “hello” helps your writing project an outgoing, upbeat personality!! Wow!!!

So, guys… here’s my new, emotionally upbeat and extroverted writing style!! I even threw in a few typos to. Whadaya think!? Huh? Huh????

Now, everything you write will read like just the most annoying spam you’ve ever gotten!! Woo hoo! ;)

Take care! :-*