Torill 'thinking with my fingers' Mortensen @ Seton Hill University

Torill ‘thinking with my fingers’ Mortensen @ Seton Hill UniversityLiteracy Weblog) For the past few days, I have been showing Torill’s “thinking with my fingers” blog to my new media journalism students. Around the time that our own “New Media Journalism @ Seton Hill University” blog was lagging, Torill posted about the lack of personal touch in group blogs. And since many of my students reported, in their midterm blog…

Infamous Crime Technology

The Internet is coming of age, and the era of innocence is gone. while the digital axis of evil takes over. It’s high time we leave the term ICT (information and communication technology) behind unless we claim that it stands for “indifferent capitalist thrash”, or “infamous crime technology”. —finn —Infamous Crime Technology (Saywords)