Torill 'thinking with my fingers' Mortensen @ Seton Hill University

Torill ‘thinking with my fingers’ Mortensen @ Seton Hill UniversityLiteracy Weblog)

For the past few days, I have been showing Torill’s “thinking with my fingers” blog to my new media journalism students. Around the time that our own “New Media Journalism @ Seton Hill University” blog was lagging, Torill posted about the lack of personal touch in group blogs. And since many of my students reported, in their midterm blog portfolios, how disappointed they felt when the blog entries they worked hardest on didn’t attract comments, I called my student’s attention to Torill’s position on blog comments (on MGK she has written, “While I can see the value of them, I don’t want the hazzle of maintaining and editing a blog where I need to check to see what others may have written into it. I treasure my peaceful little slot on the net.”).

It took a bit of effort, but I managed to get some students a little worked up about the things that this Dr. Mortensen was saying. When some students on Monday offered to send her nasty e-mails, I sort of choked for a moment — I hadn’t expected a response that strong. This morning, one student apologized for forgetting to write an e-mail.

At any rate, because Torill and I had agreed to keep her visit a secret, we imagined that she could make a dramatic entrance, so I left her in a computer lab on the floor below, and started class for a few minutes before sending a student to get her.

When I flashed her bio on the screen, Jen recognized her — “I think I just saw her in the lab downstairs!” Jen knew something was up… maybe Torill Mortensen isn’t really a Norwegian blogger — maybe this exotic foreigner is just imaginary, or maybe I have asked a friend to come into the class and pose as “Dr. Mortensen” in order to make some obscure pedagogical point.

“Would I do that to you?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said.

I’ll blog some more about Torill’s presentation later… in one class, she spoke of the technology panic in the Norwegian media, and in the other she gave an excellent, well-paced introduction to hypertext theory.

She’s downstaris in the comptuer room, probably blogging away. It’s so encouraging to find out that I’m not the only person who’s so addicted to the Internet! Anyway, we’re going to meet up with my family and have an enjoyable evening (if the kids aren’t too rambunctious). Then tomorrow I’ll take her to the airport, where she will continue on her US lecture tour.