Rich Schools Get More Financial Aid Money

I was reading a New York Times article on financial aid, and how rich schools like Stanford get more aid money than regular colleges that actually educate average or lower-income students. Then, out of no where, came Seton Hill. —Julie Young spots a quote from SHU’s president. —Rich Schools Get More Financial Aid Money (Work in Progress)


Saturday's Lunar Eclipse

—Saturday’s Lunar Eclipse (Yahoo/AP) I didn’t actually see this part of the eclipse, but I put off Peter’s bath so I could take him out during the totality, and then cut his bath short so I could show him the moon re-emerging. Peter asked whether an eclipse was dangerous, and wanted to hold my hand. Of course I told him nothing bad would happen to the moon… …as long as he…


Smash the Windows

By presenting us with colourful screens and buttons for us to click on, Microsoft encourages us to believe that we can force computers to adapt entirely to our preferences for visual images, without having to adapt ourselves to their preference for text. | But not only does this prevent people from getting inside the machine and keep them in a state of blissful ignorance, it also proves to be a…