The Steady Theft of Our Time

Whether you’re rich, poor or somewhere in between, time probably seems to be in short supply. And when intrusions keep draining away precious moments, you probably feel some combination of annoyance, frustration and anger. —Norman SolomanThe Steady Theft of Our Time (Alternet)

This time of year on college campuses, time is an especially precious resource. (Just ask my student Renee DeFloria.)

I spent most of Monday either at a conference on the teaching of the Holocaust in Catholic schools, or watching my kids so my wife could attend. It was very worthwhile… I’m glad I went, I took good notes, and I plan to blog one of the talks as soon as I get the chance.

But because I got home late, my kids didn’t get to bed until late, and here it is past midnight on Tuesday and I’m still doing my cyber-rounds. When I log off, I will sit down with a cup of something with caffeine and a stack of papers and grade until I can’t grade any more.