Our MoveableType Installation Should be Renamed StuckType

Our MoveableType Installation Should be Renamed StuckTypeLiteracy Weblog)

Drat, drat, drat, and darn! I’m sorry to report that blogs.setonhill.edu is even more busted now; apparently since about noon today it’s been impossible to post new entries. I feel sick to my stomach about the terrible timing — especially for those students whose blogging portfolios are due next week, and even more especially for Karissa (who had hoped to blog her participation in the Miss Pennsylvania contest… I’ve set up a blog entry for Karissa on my site, where I hope she can at least give us updates, but I know it won’t be the same thing).

I’ve been keeping in regular touch with my ISP, who offered to restore the whole blogs.setonhill.edu site the way it was before the errors started happening, but then we would lose a couple days worth of entries — so I asked him to hold off.