Stacks and Stacks of Papers to Grade

Oh the snow outside’s delightful.

My stacks of papers to mark are frightful.

For the students who want to know:
Stacks of ungraded papers.

Days to go, days to go, days to go…Stacks and Stacks of Papers to GradeJerz’s Literacy Weblog)

Dear Students,

The last week of classes is always an emotional time for me. I love you all, and miss you already. I hope you are enjoying the snow.

Above is a picture of the stacks of papers I have to mark before I will have your final grades calculated. I received most of these Thursday and Friday morning, and only brought home for the weekend what I could fit in one shoulder bag.

I can understand your enthusiasm for knowing what your grades will be going into the final exam, but no, I don’t have your grades ready yet.