Student Blogging Gems

I’m marking blogging portfolios for my Writing for the Internet course. Here are a few gems:

  • “I don’t get any leftovers at school, and I miss that twice-heated home cooked goodness.” — Amy Slade
  • “I’m willing to wager that writing for an online medium is letting me take the easy way out.” — Julie Young
  • “The clothes are donated to the YWCA. The owners help dress you from head to toe and even does make-up and hair if needed.” — Tiffany Graham
  • “I hate this feeling of stress and nothing getting done.” — Lindsay Dzurko
  • “It seems that when something goes wrong here at SHU the baseball team is the first to blame.” — Brandon Whitfield
  • “It is all so funny that people are still relying on these ‘journalists’ to report sex news, when, in actuality they are creating it.” — Amanda Cochran
  • “Many cases in the news recently have exhibited the lack of consequences faced by those who commit murder.” — Jess Prokop

Student Blogging Gems (EL 230: Writing for the Internet)

Note to self… next time, have student bloggers blog at least part of their reflection paper on blogging. I’m reading some really excellent observations that I’d like to link to, but I can’t because the students have submitted them the old-fashioned way, on paper.

Of course, some students are being honestly self-critical in a way that might be squelched if they were forced to blog their reflections online.

One recurring thread in their reflections is time — they either don’t have enough time to blog as they feel they should, or they are conscious that blogging is a great way to fritter away time while managing to convince one’s self that one is being productive. One student reported that blogging feels like an extracurricular activity, like it is nothing at all in the same realm as reading a chapter of math. I say hurrah to that statement, though unfortuantely I can’t link to it because the student didn’t blog it.

Two more blog portfolios to go from this class…. but it’s time for me to head home.