Spam and excuses

Think about it — do you really believe that person who says they couldn’t do
something because “something came up?” That they couldn’t do their homework
because the printer broke? Lame…. These lies will work as excuses because no one believes excuses anyway! And to think, if they are outrageous lies, they will become more believable because they are just that inventive!

Some examples:

  • “A plane crashed off the coast of Madagascar.”
  • “I was stranded on a desert island.”
  • “I had an unfortunate run-in with an overhead projector, and now must wear
    goggles until my wound heals.”

  • “The sun didn’t come up this morning at my house, and I rely on roosters to
    wake me.”

Julie Young
Spam and excuses (Work in Progress)

Julie’s comments about Spam are fine, but it’s the excuses that made me want to blog this. I’m not sure the two observations really go together, but it’s still blogworthy. I like particularly the goggles and the roosters.

OK, that’s enough fun for today. I’ve really got to get to my grading now.