Citing a Weblog Entry in MLA Style

Works Cited

Jerz, Dennis G. “Citing a Weblog in MLA Style.” [Weblog entry.] Jerz’s Literacy Weblog. Seton Hill University. 11 Dec 2003. ( 11 Dec 2003.

Lastname, Firstname, I. “Title of individual blog entry.” [Weblog entry.] Name of Weblog. Sponsoring organization — if any. Date posted. (URL to permalink.) Date accessed.

Note: See also “Citing a Weblog Comment in MLA Style“.Citing a Weblog Entry in MLA StyleJerz’s Literacy Weblog)

The MLA handbook doesn’t, in my opinion, do a very good job differentiating between a static personal home page and other kinds of self-published websites (such as an annotated bibliography or an anthology of short autobiographical essays). Citing a weblog isn’t much different from citing any web page, but students may appreciate a clear example.

I would prefer to put angle brackets around the URL, but my blogging software chokes when I try that. And I was working on a hanging indent, but couldn’t get my stylesheet to display it properly. Some other day. I think I’ve got it now.

I thought it was necessary to put the “[Curricular weblog.]” statement there because, while my blog has the word “Weblog” in it, not all do. Possible values to fill this slot could include “Group weblog,” “Professional weblog,” “Personal weblog,” etc. [I’ve actually changed that around a bit now…] Should it simply be “Weblog,” and should it be there only if the blog doesn’t include “blog” or “weblog” in the title? I can see particular value in “Group weblog,” so that citing a post that I make to Kairosnews or New Media Journalism @ Seton Hill University does not make me look like I own the blog (since many people can and do post on these sites.)

Comments or suggestions?

In response to a request by Susan. Which makes me realize I ought to do a separate blog entry for citing comments…