Citing a Weblog Comment in MLA Style

Works Cited

“Susan” ( “Oddly enough…” [Weblog comment.] N.d. “More Questionable Use of My Work.” Dennis G. Jerz. Jerz’s Literacy Weblog. Seton Hill University. 10 Dec 2003. (

Poster’s Lastname, Firstname, I. (or screen ID) “Title of comment, or first few words.” [Weblog comment.] Date comment was posted. Title of blog entry. Author of blog entry. Name of Weblog. Sponsoring organization — if any. Date blog entry was posted. (URL that displays the comments in context, if possible.) Date you accessed the comment.

Note: See also “Citing a Weblog Entry in MLA Style“.Citing a Weblog Comment in MLA StyleJerz’s Literacy Weblog)

I couldn’t immediately find Susan’s full name when I looked at her website, so for the above example I treated “Susan” like a nickname; the quotation marks indicate that I haven’t simply forgotten to type her last name.

I think the bracketed label “[Weblog comment]” is probably necessary for clarification.

The URL for the citation should display the comments in context, rather than a link that opens a pop-up window with the comments inside (and no easy way to see the entry that prompted the comments).

As with any MLA citation, if the information is lacking, keep a placeholder there. Thus, since my system doesn’t at the moment display the date when a comment was posted, I added “N.d.” (for “no date”) in the slot where the date should be.