Weblog Tweaking

Weblog TweakingJerz’s Literacy Weblog)

I’ve made a few very minor tweaks to the blog, as I re-familiarize myself with JSP. Will is planning on making some changes to the site soon, and I want to be up to speed so I can more fully understand what he’s accomplished for me.

The underlying code that he created for me is beyond my fathoming at this point, but Will has very wisely separated the guts of the program from the display, which is what I’m fiddling with.

Now the comments display the date. (That info had always been collected, I just didn’t get around to figuring out how to display it until now.) I’ve also changed a few things about the editing screen that I use, mostly to reduce the amount of scrolling I have to do when creating a new blog entry.

My next project will be creating an RSS feed.