Feeling Like a Dad at Christmas

Feeling Like a Dad at ChristmasJerz’s Literacy Weblog)

Last night, Peter sang in the children’s choir for Christmas Eve mass. I nodded and smiled poudly at him whenever he caught my eye. His baby sister Carolyn spotted him after about twenty minutes, and kept shouting “Peter! Peter” and clapping and going “Yay!” whenever the choir finished a song. Since we were sitting near the choir, amongst a crowd of other proud parents wanting to sit near their children, her antics were mostly met with tolerant smiles.

At one point, in the middle of a solemn part of the service, I saw Peter rubbing his eyes, blinking back horrified tears. I “excused me” my way through the crowded church and between the rows of children to ask Peter what was wrong… he had dropped his songsheet, the one the choir director had given him at the first rehearsal, and told him to hold onto. An older boy who had memorized the songs agreed to let Peter have his songsheet, and disaster was averted. After the service, the father of another child in the choir recognized me as the one who had swooped in to save a crying child. “You were a good dad today,” he said.

The other day, choir rehearsal was cancelled because (according to one of the many SUV-driving women who were moving through the parking lot at the time) choir director/organist’s mother died. Peter felt very sad. so I suggested he draw a card for her. (“It’s supposed to be heart,” he said, handing me a vaguely circular design.) We left the card on the organ.

I got up early this morning because Santa never seems to have time to stick around and assemble all the toys he brought.

No time for serious blogging today, just a few little observations I wanted to jot down. I hope you’re having a pleasant holiday, yourself!