Well, That was Unexpected.

Well, That was Unexpected.Jerz’s Literacy Weblog) I showed my five-year-old son the two recent blog entries in which he features (Johnstown Flood and The Meatball), and to my surprise he spent the next 40 minutes dictating responses to all the comments left by readers. It was interesting watching his composition process… the sentences are choppy not because he speaks in choppy sentences, but because he has to pause in order…


New Formulas for America's Workforce: Girls in Science and Engineering (4MB PDF)

At first some girls were intimidated by the power drills, but soon they were vying for access to them…. After building their own siege engine — a medieval invention to catapult objects — they launched the head of a Barbie doll, to mimic the practice of launching diseased corpses over castle walls, to introduce disease among the besieged. Nestling Barbie‘shead in a sling, they tugged a rope, released a lever,…


A Galling Interview

My sister let herself into my hotel room and sat on the edge of my bed. I said: “This was awful. I threw up in front of two members of the search committee.” Her response was kind and gentle: “It could have been worse. You could have thrown up on two members of the search committee.” —Lisa Ann Gosed —A Galling Interview (Chronicle)

2003 Bad Year for Press Freedom

RSF counted 42 journalists slain in 2003, while CPJ concluded in a separate report that the total death toll was 36. Both groups said the toll was about twice as high as in 2002 and that the war in Iraq was the primary reason for the increase. —Jim Lobe —2003 Bad Year for Press Freedom  (Common Dreams) Thanks for the suggestion, Jim.

A Visit with Castro

Notwithstanding all his efforts, the only semblance of a revolt of the poor is the antimodern Islamic tide, which from the Marxist point of view floats in a medieval dream. With us he seemed pathetically hungry for some kind of human contact. Brilliant as he is, spirited and resourceful as his people are, his endless rule seemed like some powerful vine wrapping its roots around the country and while defending…


When Our Students Don't Respect Us

He never learned to use the MLA citation method, but today he’s a successful engineer who supports the local arts council. | What counts as intelligence depends almost entirely on context. I find that my students are as smart, diligent, and idealistic as they have always been — as I was. But what they know, as a generation, is inevitably different from what my profession defines as knowledge. —Thomas H.…