How to grow a man-eating plant

A good man-eating plant needs a deep root structure to anchor it in place when the man it’s eating flails and fights for its life. So the deeper the seed, the stronger the root system. This is why you need so much blood meal. The man-eating plant doesn’t care where it gets its blood. Whether in the hellish depths of earth or in the burning shine of the sun, it only thirsts — at this point — for blood protein. —Michael A. Arnzen
How to grow a man-eating plant (Eternal Night)

Mike is my next-door neighbor here on The Hill. I can’t remember… does he have any plants in his office?

According to Mike, this story made the Top 10 “Best Horror Stories of 2003” in an online poll, and voting is still open through 21 Jan. Check out his humbly-worded entry in The Goreletter.