Reporter 'Panicked' In Probe

The Kelley controversy comes at a time of growing public mistrust of the mainstream media. In the past year, critics have questioned: Fox’s Geraldo Rivera and NBC’s Peter Arnett over their reporting on the Iraq war; The Washington Post for reporting that Jessica Lynch had been shot and stabbed and not correcting the account for 21/2 months; CNN executive Eason Jordan for saying he suppressed stories of Iraqi brutality out of concern for people’s safety; Salt Lake Tribune Editor James Shelledy, who resigned after two reporters sold information on the Elizabeth Smart case to the National Enquirer; and CBS’s use of a music special to leverage a Michael Jackson interview. —Reporter ‘Panicked’ In Probe  (Washington Post (will expire))

This article updates the resignation of USA Today reporter Jack Kelley, the latest high-profile reporter whose credibily has come under fire.