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My first scholarly monograph, The Age of Elizabeth in the
Age of Johnson
, has rocketed to the 1.6 millionth bestseller (up from
1.8 millionth a few weeks ago) on Amazon.com.
(Stop presses! — now it’s zoomed up to the 1.49 millionth! Take that,
Distributional Ecology and Abundance of Dung and Carrion-Feeding Beetles
(Scarabaeidae) in Tropical Rain Forests in Sarawak, Borneo
, still mired at a
pitiful number 1.596 million.) A big movie deal now seems inevitable. Buy it now
and you can say you knew me before I was rich and famous. —Jack Lynch
Jack Lynch’s Home Page (Rutgers)

Lynch is the author of one of the great free online writing resources, the “Guide to Grammar and Style and the “Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms.”