Dazzled by Flash Fiction

The term ‘flash fiction’ can be used to describe several genres or modes of writing. Such writing can include traditional or mainstream short-short stories as well as various other types such as American haibun, ghost stories, monologues, epistles, mysteries, myths, tall tales, fables, anti-fables, parables, romance, fairy tales, horror, suspense, science fiction, prose poetry, and more. It can also embrace several “isms” such as magical realism, dadaism, futurism, surrealism, irrealism, and postmodernism. Charles Baxter notes that these short-short stories occupy many thresholds–“they are between poetry and fiction, the story and the sketch, prophecy and reminiscence, the personal and the crowd.” —Pamelyn Casto
Dazzled by Flash Fiction (Flashes on the Meridian)

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