Learn how to 'learn something new everyday'

I have been enrolled in courses in which my professors used a powerpoint
presentation every single day. When required to do a presentation in front of my
peers, I also made use of Microsoft
in order to present my information. I felt that using such a
visual aid was a valuable tool to add multimedia zing to the classroom.
Last week, I gave a Chaucer presentation to my Media Aesthetics class.
Originally, I wanted to do a powerpoint presentation. However, after I was
advised against it by Dr. Jerz, I read “Powerpoint is
.” When I first read this article, I completely disagreed. However, once
I thought about it more, it began to make sense. I’m not saying that powerpoint
can never be useful, but it is more appropriate for “corporate sales pitches”
(in the words of Dr. Jerz) instead of Chaucer presentations. —Jamee RiceLearn how to ‘learn something new everyday’ (Jamee Rice)

Jamee’s presentation very cleverly used the Pittsburgh regionalism ‘yinz’ (for “you”) as a way of introducing Chaucer’s language. See: Chaucer could have actually related to “Yinzers!”