wood s lot

wood s lot

A few good finds from this Canadian blog:

  • The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy
    E. D. Hirsch, Jr., Joseph F. Kett, James Trefil
    Edition, 2002

  • The Day of the

    or How to be a Propour Canadian Spellour
    Ronald de Sousa

    I scarcely dare fourmulate this question, lest it be censoured,
    and–Horrour of horrours!–deter our Honourary Donours. Yet suffour me to
    exhourt you: four though some may harbour the thought that this minour question
    is not wourth the furour, or think–in errour–that I speak humourously, this
    issue is especially impourtant for our langourous juniours to considour —
    provided, of course, they have not been savouring liquour priour to pouring over
    this text, endeavouring to gauge its tenour.

  • The
    Awesome Destructive Power of the Corporate Power Media

    The Black

    If a mildly progressive, Internet-driven, young white middle
    class-centered, movement-like campaign such as Dean’s – flush with money derived
    from unconventional sources, backed by significant sections of labor, reinforced
    by big name endorsements and surging with upward momentum – can be derailed in a
    matter of weeks at the whim of corporate media, then all of us are in deep

    The Dean beat-down should signal an intense reassessment of media’s role in
    the American power structure.