Super Bowl Weblog XXXVIII

Unless we get an influx of suggestions within the next three hours, I’ll have no choice but to watch this year’s Super Bowl. I write this post from the living room of Vidiot Emeritus Peter Ko, and if the prospect of sparing me from the tedium of this year’s game isn’t enough to spur your creative suggestions, the least you can do is spare Pete from the tedium of my company. —Super Bowl Weblog XXXVIII (Tee Vee)

An interesting site… the Tee Vee bloggers are commenting on the commericals. (How far did you get in Colossal Cave Adventure, Monty?)

My kids are sick, so Leigh and I planned to go to church separately today. I tried to go to an early mass at a different church, but couldn’t find the church… my wife had given me directions that she later admitted weren’t very good. So I decided to go to the latest mass in the area — the 7:00pm service at the cathedral. But apparently the bishop is a football fan — mass was cancelled.