MeFi's take on 'I Have a Scream'

It has been said that reality is all about perspective — a camera is a pinhole
view of the world that frequently filters out much of the story. With that in
mind, check out this video of the familiar
“I have a scream” speech by Dean
. I’m no Dean supporter, but from down in
the trenches it doesn’t look nearly as bad as it played on TV. Obviously the
video you’ve seen on the news has the best part and the audience noise turned
down, but from this vantage point, the speech almost seems appropriate for the
crowd and the moment
(but was still a lapse in judgement to forget cameras were
rolling). —Mathowie
MeFi’s take on ‘I Have a Scream’ (Metafilter)

I’m at home and haven’t bothered to check the video over my slow telephone connection, but since I’ve blogged about Dean’s speech before, I thought this alternate view was worthwhile.