Rosemary Frezza, Blog Angel

Rosemary Frezza, Blog Angel (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog) I’ve blogged about trolls, but I’ve also been thinking about the beings that I call blog angels — those helpful, friendly folks who may or may not have blogs of their own, but who regularly e-mail suggestions or leave them in comments, who privately warn me about typos or broken links, and without whom blogging would be much less fun. Rosemary Frezza e-mails…


Groundhog Day and IF (again)

Today being Groundhog Day in U.S. (and elsewhere?) reminds me how the movie Groundhog Day suggests a model for how interactive stories could work. However, rather than write up my own essay on the topic, I’ll link to others who have already discussed this, found via Google… —Andrew Stern —Groundhog Day and IF (again) (Grand Text Auto)


Hey, Adobe® … Photoshop® THIS!

Always capitalize and use trademarks in their correct form. CORRECT: The image was enhanced with Adobe® Photoshop® Elements software. INCORRECT: The image was photoshopped. INCORRECT: The image was Photoshopped. INCORRECT: The image was Adobe® Photoshopped. Trademarks must never be used as slang terms. —Permissions and trademark guidelines (Adobe.com) Somebody hand me an aspirin — I’m crying in my coke here, because lawyers simply aren’t real people. I recognize that the…