Googling for 'weblog'

Googling for ‘weblog’Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

I found this line in my weblog tracking service today:

03 Feb, Tue, 15:49:46

My weblog main page generally gets a couple hits from Google each day, and I do like to see what people are searching for, so out of habit I glanced in the URL for the keyword — and I was a little surprised. Yup — someone’s Google search for “weblog” turned up this site on a page of results starting at 100 — and then someone clicked on that link, thus generating the above line in my tracking service. I checked and for the moment anyway, out of nearly 9 million Google hits for “weblog,” my blog comes up 109th.

I know this ranking thing is pretty much meaningless, and I’m sure this is just a fluke — but it’s a pleasant fluke, so I printed out the page to have a keepsake.