Rebellion in American Lit Class!

Rebellion in American Lit Class!Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

I’ve got a tough crowd in my American Literature class.

When I opened the discussion of The Great Gatsby with the question, “How was Gatsby great?” the students in their small groups overwhelmingly decided that he wasn’t great at all. A few mentioned favorably his love for Gatsby DAISY [Duh! –DGJ], but even then they thought his fixation on her was kind of creepy. Then we went to the computer room and I let the students blog. We’re talking about the same book next week, so their homework is simply to blog about it.

If you’d like to participate, please stop by the New Media Journalism website, see what the students are blogging about, and weigh in with your opinions. (You might search the site for “Gatsby” if there aren’t any Gatsby postings immediately visible.)

I’m planning to say as little as possible about the subject because I don’t want my opinions to sway the students too much, but if nobody brings up the points I was hoping they would discuss, I’ll mention them in class next week.

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