R.U.R. Opera

With the media opera R.U.R., we want to appreciate the Czech author Karel Capek (Czechia’s Goethe) and his importance for the European cultural expression. It is he who in R.U.R. used for the first time the expression robot, derivated of the Russian word “robota” = work. R.U.R. is a classic of science fiction literature and has nothing lost of its formative influence. The latest example is Stephen Spielberg’s movie A.I. – Artificial Intelligence which has obviously taken scenes from Capek’s play, however keeps quiet about it’s source. Central Europe is the “cradle” of the robots and not USA, even if their movie industry want to make us believe that by thousands of pictures.

R.U.R. OperaMedia Archiv Praque)

Just got this in an e-mail from the Media Archiv Praque, probably because I have a website devoted to the play R.U.R (Rossum’s Universal Robots).