Driving the Spike [Scroll down a bit]

All of this carrying on is fine, but if Spike really wants shows men like to
watch, they’ve missed a few great concepts. Here are ten new programs that
appeal to real men:

  • The Explosion Show – Every week, the hosts fill some interesting object with
    black powder and then, well, you get the idea…

  • Crank Callers – Contestants harass strangers and win prizes
  • Celebrity Mud Wrestling – The name says it all
  • Target Practice – Like those hunting shows on the Outdoor channel, except
    that the big game they’re after is the neighbor’s lawn ornaments

  • Psycho Friends Network – Wisecracking comedians staff fortune-telling phone

  • Pick-Up Truckers – This is our reality show: Blue collar guys are taken to a
    real bar and compete to see who can be the first to convince a female patron to
    come home with them

  • Mug Shot Makeover – Fashion experts visit the drunk tank with timely
    grooming advice

  • Riding Lawnmower Demolition Derby – OK, it’s sort of a sport, but it’s not
    on ESPN

  • Cheer Factor – Adult cheerleader routines are rated by regular guys with
    number cards

  • Simian Nightly News – The events of the day are reviewed by chimpanzees
    dressed in designer suits

Are you listening, Spike?
Driving the Spike [Scroll down a bit] (Every Fool’s Guide to the Universe)

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