Commercial E-Paper Display

“[T]he world’s first consumer application of an electronic paper display module in Sony’s new e-Book reader, Librié, [is] scheduled to go on sale in Japan in late April. This ‘first ever’ […] display utilizes E Ink’s revolutionary electronic ink technology which offers a truly paper-like reading experience with contrast that is the same as newsprint.” (See also E Ink‘s press release and BBC News.) Commercial E-Paper Display Via join-the-dots.


Remembering the Old Lions

I look at my students: some barefoot, others wearing hats and dressed in clothes they could easily have slept in, and I think how the college classroom has become an adjunct of the dorm bedchamber. Sometimes, when I begin classes, I get the impression that the students resent my interrupting their conversations. Few of them take notes, and I unconsciously make an effort to be more entertaining…. Today’s tenure process,…

Working the Workshop

Too often, writers workshop their egos, instead. It’s human nature, especially if your story is on the table and everyone’s talking about it. But to get the most out of a writer’s workshop, you need to think of the story on the table as your car, and everyone around the table is a mechanic looking under the hood. If you want to learn how to fix it — or just…


Old School Moveable Type

—Old School Moveable Type (MGK) Real moveable type. Ever since I investigated the meaning of the name of the character “Shurdlu” in Elmer Rice’s The Adding Machine, I’ve had a longing to learn how to use an old-fashioned printing press — one that actually presses the paper. As much as I love the power of “push-button publishing for the masses,” there is still something to be said about the care that…